Super Dogs

My lifelong commitment of showing and breeding dogs started at the tender age of 6 years. My grandfather exhibited German Shepherd Dogs and my parents, Welsh Corgi Pembrokes. I continued showing both breeds until well into my teens when I decided to show with the Australian Cattle Dog.

My first couple of dogs were no world beaters, and it wasn’t until I came upon Tirlta Rexie and Meroolestate Kristie that I was destined to be successful in this breed. Ch Tilta Rexie (Dugal) was a multi group winner and Ch Meroolestate Kristie (PK) was my first Best in Show winner. (Dugal was tragically killed in 1988 and PK passed away at 17 years of age in Sept 1999)

PK was mated to a son of Dugal’s and the mating produced 7 pups, 6 males, 1 female. I zeroed in on a long legged, big headed, clumsy male and ran this pup on. What a handful he was!!!! Personality just like his mum and quite toey with other males. His registered name was Kombinalong Super”K”. His show career commenced relatively uneventfully. Not until he gained his first Best in Group at nine months of age did I really consider that I would persist with this clumsy dog.

Sao was a great show dog and he certainly established “Kombinalong” as a force in the breed both locally and internationally. Dogs such as Aust/Am/Mex/Guat/Bel/Inter Ch Kombinalong Super Impact, Aust/NZ/Am/Can/Mex/Inter Ch Kombinalong Stryk Super AOM, Multi Royal CC BIS/BISS Gr Ch Kombinalong Super Octane, Multi Royal CC BISS Ch Kombinalong C’est Super are proudly just a few of the more well known dogs from this kennel.

There have been over the past 2 decades many many Kombinalong Champions both locally and internationally.

After deciding to devote my life to this breed I was fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to write two books on this magnificent breed. Both books are directed at the new owner. I also decided to become a specialist judge of the breed and from there have continued with my judging to be currently licensed to judge some 120 breeds.

My next project (which has already commenced) is to write an in-depth study of the Australian Cattle Dog covering all aspects of the breed both locally and internationally.

As chairperson of the Hereditary disease committee of the Tasmanian Canine Association Inc I will continue to be heavily involved with the hereditary and congenital problems facing our breed and strongly campaign to encourage breeders to test for these problems.

The aim of Kombinalong Australian Cattle dogs is to breed sound, healthy congenital disease free dogs while never losing what farmers such as Thomas Hall and Robert Kaleski intended when they decided to put together this designer breed. “An all round utility dog”.