The Gait

The action is true, free, supple and tireless and the movement of the shoulders and forelegs is in unison with the powerful trust of the hindquarters. The capability of quick and sudden movement is essential. Soundness is of paramount importance and stiltedness, loaded or slack shoulders, straight shoulder placement, weakness at elbows, pasterns or feet, straight stifles, cow or bow hocks, must be regarded as serious faults. When trotting the feet tend to come closer together at ground level as speed increases, but when the dog comes to rest he should stand four square.

Correct ground covering movement is vitally important in a working dog. Only a well constructed dog is going to move correctly. Gait in itself is not soundness, but a measure of soundness and correct gait is not possible without correct construction. The dog will converge to the centre line at faster paces, but they do not single track.